Scenographing Bergen

Photo Astrid von Rosen
Photo Astrid von Rosen

Went to Bergen for an intense project-in-the making-meeting. A lot of theatre, potentially across borders. Wanted to implement ideas on "affective assemblages" and "pluralized archives" in relation under-explored dance histories. Ate stockfish. Felt dizzy.

Inspiering to share ideas at the airports in Bergen and Copenhagen with Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen (author of Over the Threshold, Into the World: Experiences of Transcendence in the Context of Staged Events:  about the multisensory as critical topic and research field. Laughed at the view over a mountin (berg in Norwegian) and the text "Bergen?" in yellow. Explained the Saturday Scenography blog idea: things I like, the unexpected, the inspiering, scenographing webs of relations. Will share texts. 

Out of Bergen, sent through my chapter: "Scenografisk sinnlighet: I fält med stadens dansare" [ask me for the English version! Scenographic sensualism: In the field with the city dancers]Humanister i fält, edited by Åsa Arping, Christer Ekholm, Katarina Leppänen, Lir Skrifter: Göteborg, 2016, 121-129. 

Will continue to read Rachel Hann's Beyond Scenography on "the potential for assemblages of bodies and objects - whether tents and barricades, flash mobs and their surroundings - to enact speculative or renewed politics through the very act of being with place [...] Scenographic activism, following this model, can enact speculative politics through the potential of place orientation to reorientate how bodies and materials, power and place, relate to one another (p. 116). A way of thinking that potentially can be really helpful for exploring archival traces after past (but not dead) independent, activist, and more... performance.

NORDIC SCENOGRAPHY, Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
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