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Saturday Scenography

Here I, now and then, post a blog on my personal and academic life with scenography (in the broadest sense). 

Finally Saturday again and the day after the première of Hierarchy of Needs, at Backa thetare in Gothenburg. Great performance, mind boggling. I am shaken, stirn, and inspired. So much to ponder in terms of scenographics (interventional acts of world making, see Hann 2018).

Went to Bergen for an intense project-in-the making-meeting. A lot of theatre, potentially across borders. Wanted to implement ideas on "affective assemblages" and "pluralized archives" in relation under-explored dance histories. Ate stockfish. Felt dizzy.

I have admittedly missed blogging. The space is useful for scenographic thinking and dialogue. So, from today, a new blog with and beyond scenography each Saturday. Saturday Night Scenography...

This made my day! A gift from a lovey colleague! Russian chocolate, and it beautifully scenographs Russian Relations. Indeed, it even dances them.

It is the 29th of December 2018. Even if the year is almost over, gone by, traces of it, such as this blog, will remain (at least for a while).

Day 84-92. Yes - the picture is supposed to be upside down. We are flying in this way, we are creative and critical witches, scenograping space, here and there, then and now, and in the future.

Day 83-86. Reading and preparing for upcoming scenograpy & art history workshop (15-17 November). At the same time, intense working process with 'Free Culture' exhibition at the Library. Making and playing, scenographing across time and space, group work, enjoying it. Opening is tomorrow. Picture from today, me and Micke as 'the Persuaders or...

Making history


Day 82. Working at the library with Mikael Strömberg on the upcoming exhibition. A few days (and nights) to go. Now laborating with small circles...and a lot of other stuff! Great feeling to visualize the expansion and diversity...

Day 81. Evening. Relaxing. Swedish televison broadcasting Marvellous scenographic work in The Florence Foster Jenkins Story (2016). Double exposure, high camp, tactile, respectful, lovely.

NORDIC SCENOGRAPHY, Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
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